"Life is a creation, Not a discovery"

…does it have to be either or? 

Hi, I'm Svenja

While I love the discovery part of life, the going with the flow, exploring different parts of the world, life, ourselves, seeing new possibilities and opportunities, I do agree with the mindset of being in charge of actually creating our life experience and our path(s). I’m here to offer you a friendly space, different lenses and tools for reflection, inspiration and imagination for your life creation. And while it’s wonderful to imagine and open ourselves up to dreaming, we won’t stop there. We will jump (or steadily move) into action, step by step, creating the life experience you enjoy. And I’m here as your friendly (and strict ;-)) reminder and co-committer to daily actions to energize and create this life experience.

Mindful Movement

Starting a morning movement routine can give you the time and space to energize your life. And you don’t have to do it alone – together it’s more fun and a lot easier to stick with your new habit.

Energy Coaching

Based on an energy analysis, we create an Energy transformation program to accomplish your life goals with ease. 

Life Design

Based on the Stanford University Life Design© method, you design and activate a (work) life you love with the tools and mindsets of a designer. Curious?

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Svenja Hoefle

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